2. September 2014
Latest speeches added in the archive
New speeches are being added to the archive every month.

17. December 2013
Finnish Foreign Policy Paper 03: EU membership has transformed the identity of the Finnish state
The third Finnish Foreign Policy Paper takes a look at how the Finnish foreign and security policies have been Europeanized.

9. October 2013
Speeches of Mr. Paasio in the archive
Mr. Pertti Paasio was the Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs in 1989-1991 in Holkeri's cabinet. Now his speeches from 1990-91 have been added to the archive.

The Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) maintains an online archive Eilen which consists of speeches and key documents related to Finnish foreign policy. In addition, the site features a chronology detailing the most significant events in Finnish foreign policy since 1973.

Eilen Archive is part of the FIIA's Finnish Foreign Policy project which seeks to support research on the topic. In addition to the archive, the project entails research seminars on Finnish foreign policy and a publication series called Finnish Foreign Policy Papers.

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