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Statement by Finnish Foreign Minister Pertti Paasio on civilian casualties in the Gulf war 14.2.1991

Ever since the occupation of Kuwait, the civilian population have suffered violence in the region. There have been authoritative reports on acts of violence against the Kuwaiti people by the Iraqi forces of occupation.

When the multinational forces began military action in January, the risk naturally increased that the civilian population would be even more severely affected by military operations, even if every effort were made to avoid this.

Iraq has aimed its missile attacks specifically at civilian targets in both Israel and Saudi-Arabia. We have heard that allied bombing has caused great civilian casualties, especially in Baghdad.

The Finnish Government profoundly deplores all civilian casualties and suffering. Everything possible should be done to protect the civilian population. At the same time, every assistance should be given to humanitarian efforts to alleviate the suffering of the local population.

In order to end the war and avoid still further suffering among the civilian population, the Iraqi leadership should respond to peace efforts and observe the UN Security Council resolutions on the withdrawal from Kuwait.

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