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Remarks by Dr. Paavo Väyrynen, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland, at the plenary meeting on 20 June 1991

CSCE Council Delegation of Finland Berlin 19-20 June

Agenda item under discussion: CONSIDERATION OF FUTURE WORK OF THE CSCE

I A review of consultations

The consultations that we as 35 colleagues had yesterday on the vital issues before us proved very productive indeed. With your permission, Mr. Chairman, I would like to attempt to formulate, on the basis of our dialogue yesterday, some of the central issues and tasks that we as participents of the CSCE have to tackle. I am confident that some of the ideas put forth will lead to decisions at this meeting; others may require further work.

New architecture for Europe is emerging. There is broad agreement that joint action should take place in the following areas in the near future, that is, within the
period extending till the conclusion of the Helsinki follow-up meeting next year. I am not suggesting that my list will be exhaustive; rather, its purpose is to give
incentives to further dialogue.

- - The socio-economic gap in Europe, in particular between East and West - in all its aspects - has been raised in many interventions. New, fresh ideas have been
put forward to tackle some of these issues. We all seem to be convinced that the potential of the CSCE should be utilized to a greater extent than so far.

- - In the field of military security, preparations will begin in September for post-Helsinki negotiations on disarmament and confidence and security building.

- - Environmental cooperation has been seen as requiring urgent action.

- - Further development of the mechanisms for political consultations within the CSCE was called for. It was also pointed out that the structures of the CSCE should be further strengthened in the field of conflict prevention and dispute settlement. Broadening the functions of the Conflict Prevention Centre enjoys broad support.

- - Within the human dimension of the CSCE, including questions of national minorities, a need for new and effective procedures has been identified. The Geneve
meeting on national minorities is seen as offering new opportunities as is the forthcoming Moscow meeting on the human dimension.

- - Prospects end potential of regional cooperation has been mentioned in a number of contributions. Regional cooperation may enrich the life of the entire Continent.

- - As a vital part of the emerging structure of Europe, the CSCE should actively seek contacts end cooperation with other fora, both European and Transatlantic,
including the Council of Europe, the ECE, the OECD, NATO end the EC.

- - According to e number of interventions, our relations with countries outside Europe, and, in particular, relation with the developing countries should be advanced further, keeping in mind the principle of respect for human rights end other fundemental values fo the CSCE. As CSCE countries we should work for just and ecologically sustainable development in the whole world.

II The Helsinki Follow-up Meeting

To conclude, Mr. Chairman, I would like to make a fewbrief comments on the prospects of the Helsinki follow-up meeting.

In Helsinki, the participating States should aim at developing the quality of their political dialogue in all fields of the CSCE process. The meeting should seriously consider how the structural preparedness of the CSCE to respond to changing needs could be further improved. This is required by the issues and problems in all the fields of the CSCE.

First, a new process in the field of military security should be set in motion.

Second, the human dimension should be developed in view of the emerging issues related, in particular, to national minorities. Both the contents end methods could be developed further.

Third, it is imperative to support policies of reform in Central and Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union; new measures are required without delay. Fresh thought should be given on how provisions agreed within the CSCE, such as those at the Bonn Conference, could best be implemented. The new market economies in transition are faced with formideble challenges. How best to meet them calls for broad-based reflection and discussion.

As a further point, the environment. Increased cooperetion to improve overall environmental security in the CSCE should be enhanced. This should include action to prevent and combat detrimental transboundary effects, and appropriate mechanisms. It should also include public participetion in planning end decision-making, in short, the development of the "human dimension" of environmental protection. The individual, the human being, has also the right to a healthy environment end to clean food.

In this remarks yesterday, Secretary of State Baker spoke of "a Euro-Atlantic Community that extends east from Vancouver to Vladivostok". Listening to him, I recalled the ministerial conference recently held in Rovaniemi, Finland, on the protection of the Arctic environment. Also other questions of Arctic Cooperation were discussed. The Arctic area - in the light of the Baker concept - should be seen as a "sub-region" of cooperation between CSCE-countries. I hope that this point of view could be taken into account in our future work.

The Council hes now establised itself as the central forum for political consultations within the CSCE process. The agenda of this meeting as well as the discussions we have had covered e broad range of issues. They have paved the way for joint decisions. We look forwerd to the decision on the next meeting of the Council, which we expect to be held in Prague in late January next. The work of the Council will also serve the preparations of the next follow-up meeting.

Finland has the intention of consulting, in due course, with its CSCE pertners in order to contribute to the success of the Helsinki meeting. As has been the practise at follow-up meetings so far, we expect that the Helsinki meeting will be opened at the level of Foreign Ministers. I look forward to welcoming my colleagues to Helsinki.

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