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The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Dr. Paavo Väyrynen, after the exchange of letters on restoration of diplomatic relations between Finland and the Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania 29.8.1991

Your Excellencies

We have just concluded the exchange of letters through which we restored the diplomatic relations between Finland and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The agreement will take effect as of today.

This is an event of historic significance. We are witnessing the return of our three close neighbours as full members of the international community. We welcome
you most warmly, and express our best wishes for the future of your countries.

Finland is ready to develop her relations with you, her good and close neighbours, in all fields. In the near future we will make necessary arrangements in order to send representatives to your respective capitals. The structuring of our relations on practical level will give us a lot to do in the future. Let us begin it without

Your stay in Helsinki is short this time. I know that you have important matters to attend back home. I hope, however, that we will have an opportunity to meet soon
again. I would like to propose a toast in honour of this historic moment, and I wish you all the best as you continue your important work for the future of your
countries, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

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