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CBSS, II Ministerial Session Press Conference on 17 March, 1993 Declaration on the Communique by the Finnish Foreign Minister, Dr. Paavo Väyrynen

edited version 18.3.93

- The Second Ministerial Session of the Council of the Baltic Sea States has just concluded its work. The Session adopted a Communiqué, which reflects the subjects discussed and includes conclusions on the past and future activities of the Council. Political support of the Council to several activities taking place in the Baltic Sea area is also expressed in the Communiqué.

- During the discussions, it was evident that the priority themes which were chosen one year ago in Copenhagen are as important as ever, and the work will continue on that basis.

- an important decision made now was the establishment of Euro-Faculty in Riga. This project will provide training for students and professors from the countries in the Baltic Sea region in the fields of public and business administration, law and economic sciences. The project will be carried out within the framework of the EC "Tempus" scheme. The initial contributions by the CBSS member countries are targeted at about 2,5 mill.ECU.

- the Council endorsed in principle the idea to establish the post of a CBSS Commissioner for Human Rights and minority issues. This idea was launched already one year ago, and has been discussed in the relevant bodies of the CBSS. At this Session, it was decided that the Committee of Senior officials and a working group will start elaborating a mandate to the Commissioner. This decision was a compromise solution between those, who wanted the establishment of the Commissioner immediately, and those who would have liked first to work out a mandate and make a decision after that. It is a good step forward in the Council's work and proves, once again, of the flexibility and willingness for cooperation of the CBSS states.

- High priority is given to development of infrastructure as being essential for economic progress in the area.

- The importance of creating a favourable climate for private enterprise, business activities and foreign investment is stressed.

- The Council will continue to support the implementation of concrete projects especially in such areas which complement the respective work done in other relevant organizations, institutions and on private sector. It is proposed that a meeting with representatives of the international financial institutions in order to promote projects of regional interest be arranged.

- growing concern for the area is the increasing uncontrolled migration. On this theme, two meetings- one in Sweden and one in Finland- are being planned in the Baltic Sea cooperation framework.

- increasing attention is paid to the problem of drug abuse and trafficking in the area. On this subject a high-level meeting is going to take place in Tallinn i May this year.

- The nuclear and radiation safety of the area is of great importance. A special working group on this theme will continue its work and start implementing the recommendations it has made on increasing the nuclear safety of the area.

- Estonia was chosen as the next Chairman of the Council and will now take over the chairmanship from Finland.

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