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Speaking points for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland Mr. Heikki Haavisto

Permanent Representation of Finland, Strasbourg
Committee of Ministers 92nd Session14 May 1993
Reform of the Control Mechanism in the Human Rights Field

Mr. Chairman,

Let me first express our great pleasure and happiness for being able to welcome amongst us today our newest member states Lithuania, Slovenia and Estonia. Especially happy we are to find our close neighbours and brothers Estonians, also here beside us, in the very heart of this organization of democratic states.

Mr. Chairman, The European Human Rights Mechanism is known world wide of its efficiency. Unfortunately, its credibility is now at stake with the backlog of cases and delays. The accession of new contracting parties will further aggravate this situation. This is not their fault. We must do something quickly to improve the situation.

We think there is a need for a radical and long term solution the elements of which could be accepted already today if we accept the proposal submitted to us by our deputies. We should take this political step giving a clear mandate to our experts to work out the details.

In Finland the Human Rights Convention has been fully incorporated into the internal legislation. The convention is thus directly applied by the courts. The individual is effectively protected already on the domestic level. This is why complaints from Finland are likely to be less in numbers and less successful in the Strasbourg mechanism. In our opinion the aim of the European Human Rights Mechanism should only be to give subsidiary protection on the international level when needed.

Poista kirjanmerkki