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Speech by Prime Minister Sanna Marin to the President of the Republic on 10 December 2019

Mr President,

The old Government has resigned, and the new Government is about to start its work. We have concluded the government formation talks, and the new Government will continue with the same programme and the same coalition of parties.

We must now look ahead and strengthen the Finns’ confidence in the future.

The Government Programme for an inclusive and competent Finland was presented last summer. The new Government will continue to implement it with steadfast determination.

We want to build a society that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

We want to reform and strengthen the welfare state.

We want to build a society where every child can achieve anything they put their minds to, and where every person can live a decent life and age in a dignified way.

We can’t make Finland over in four years, but we can make it better. That’s the goal we’ll be working towards every day.

My most important message today is that this government will be working for every single Finn. We will reduce inequality and strengthen equality. We will invest in people’s skills and education. We will look after people’s safety.

The Finns can be confident that we will find solutions to problems, and that those solutions will be responsible and fair.

In addition to our work at home, we will be a frontline player in the European Union. We are committed to an active foreign policy directed by the President of the Republic in cooperation with the Government.

We must now move forward boldly.

Trust can only be created through actions. Our work begins today.

Mr President,

On behalf of the new Government, I would like to express my thanks for your kind words and your promise of future support. Please accept the Government’s greeting and assurances of highest consideration.

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