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Speech by Prime Minister Petteri Orpo to the President of the Republic on the first visit of the new Government on 20 June 2023

Herra tasavallan presidentti

Ärade republikens president

Mr President

The Finnish people have voted for change. In the April elections, the Finnish people elected 200 MPs to look after the common affairs of Finland and its citizens. The party that fared best in the election was the National Coalition Party, with 48 MPs. Under the leadership of the National Coalition Party, the parties in parliament began the negotiations to form a new Government. 

Based on the preliminary talks, I invited the Finns Party, the Swedish People’s Party and the Christian Democrats join the National Coalition Party in the government formation talks. The parties that took part in the negotiations share a common view on the state of general government finances and the changes needed to achieve economic growth and safeguard the services of the welfare society. If we want to ensure wellbeing in the future, we must not live beyond our means. The parties’ common goal is for Finland to be a nation of sustainable growth whose success is based on work and entrepreneurship. 

Trust is the foundation for a successful government term. Trust in one another. Trust that we can tackle even the most difficult challenges. 

We built this trust by drawing up a shared picture of the current situation and familiarising ourselves with a wide range of issues affecting our society. We consulted with a record number of experts from different sectors of society, from business representatives to civil society actors, over the course of the government formation talks. Not all wisdom resides in us decision-makers or within the House of the Estates, which is why it was fruitful to hear from such a large group of experts. 

In the negotiations with four different parties, it was important for us to find common ground. The media tended to focus on our disagreements, but our four parties also have a lot in common.

We believe that strong, stable public finances are the key to safeguarding the services of the welfare society. We believe in a Finland where work and entrepreneurship are rewarding and profitable. The market economy and viable businesses are Finland’s strengths. A high level of competence is the foundation for Finnish success. Clean energy will be our legacy for future generations.

The Government wants Finland to be a strong and committed country that can withstand global storms. Finland’s security environment has changed irrevocably, and European security is facing its gravest threats in decades. Our Government is tasked with building Finland’s position as a strong NATO member and promoting an active EU policy. 

In a strong and committed Finland, people will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and competence, find work, live on their pay or pension, and live in safety. When the foundations of society are strong, people can enjoy the right and freedom to pursue a good life on their own terms. People can feel included in society and can trust one another. The most vulnerable people can trust that they will be taken care of. It is the responsibility of government to provide a framework for freedom and opportunity.

Our Government Programme is based on concrete and honest solutions. We will make sure that Finns can access the services they need. We will improve the opportunities for businesses to create jobs and generate growth. We will look after the competence of Finns. We will invest particularly in the early stages of the educational path, so that everyone is able to get by regardless of their socio-economic background. We will investing in clean energy, which helps us combat climate change while also creating growth. We will see to it that our homes, streets and borders are safe. 

The new Government is committed to taking responsibility and making the decisions needed to benefit Finland and its people. This Government will ensure that we can make change for the better in a way that is safe and leaves no one behind. 

Arvoisa tasavallan presidentti

Ärade republikens president

Mr President

Nyt työnsä aloittavan hallituksen puolesta kiitän Teitä tervehdyksestänne ja lupaamastanne tuesta. Vastaanottakaa hallituksen tervehdys ja kunnioituksen vakuutus.

På den tillträdande regeringens vägnar tackar jag Er för Er hälsning och det stöd Ni utlovat. Jag ber Er ta emot regeringens hälsning och försäkran om dess högaktning.

On behalf of the new Government, I would like to express my warmest thanks for your kind words and promise of future support. Please accept the Government's greeting and assurances of high consideration.

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